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Here you will be able to find links on how to download my podcast or listen directly from the site. I also love to receive your feedback and also welcome any questions you would like me to put to my guests (click here to contact me).

The podcast will be with you every fortnight with a new guest and other nonsense.

So who am I to be doing yet ANOTHER wrestling podcast? For more info on me click on the about page but to make it brief I was a pro wrestler who toured the world for close to 20 years. I wrestled many well known stars from old WWF stars like The Honky Tonk Man, Japanese legends like Mitsuharu Misawa to current WWE superstar Daniel Bryan and many who never got the break they deserved. I’ve kept in contact with lots of people I met over the years and these are the guests you will be hearing on the podcast, my friends from different countries talking about there stories,ribs,rumours what’s good and what’s bad about wrestling and their lives.

So enjoy, tell your friends, rate and review for me and especially subscribe.

Stevie Knight

Podcast # 7  - Ricky Knight

Click here to download my 7th show featuring Ricky Knight


Podcast # 6  - Greg Lambert

Click here to download my 6th show featuring Greg Lambert

Greg Lambert

Podcast # 5  - Danny Boy Collins

Click here to download my 5th show featuring Danny Boy Collins

Danny Boy Collins

Podcast # 4  - Doug Williams

Click here to download my 4th show featuring Superstar Doug Williams


Podcast # 3 – Rockstar Spud

Click here to download my 3rd show featuring TNA Superstar Rockstar Spud


Podcast # 2  - Marty Jones

Click here to download my 2nd show featuring current British Wrestling Legend Marty Jones


Podcast # 1  - Magnus

Click here to download debut show featuring current TNA world Champion MAGNUS